Creating True Love at Home Peace on the Planet

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Broadcast on August 08, 2017
With Martin & Dorothie Hellman & Dorothie Hellman

Join Martin and Dorothie Hellman as they reveal how they transformed an almost failed marriage and reclaimed the true love they felt when they first met (50 years ago!). They emphasize that working together to build a more peaceful world was critical to their marital success.

During this hopeful session, you'll discover:

  • Why holistic thinking and compassion are key to reclaiming true love at home & creating peace in the world

  • That the first step in creating healthy relationships & a healthy world is to believe that peace is possible

  • How working on personal & international peace reinforce one another

Martin & Dorothie Hellman

Professor of EE, Stanford University

Dorothie Hellman
After spending several decades following a relationship map that had her repeatedly driving off cliffs, Dorothie found the courage to piece together a new map that allowed her to reach the place of love and peace where she had always wanted to dwell. That allowed her transform an almost failed marriage into one in which anger became a nightmare of the past.

Dorothie has spent more than half her life studying anger, fear and grief, as well as joy, love and compassion. Practicing compassion is the centerpiece of her part of this book.

Martin Hellman
Marty calls himself a world-class fool and is proud of it. His research on encryption was originally seen as a fool’s errand, but it recently won him the ACM’s million-dollar Turing Award—often regarded as the Nobel Prize in computing. Following Dorothie down an uncharted path that even she could not fully describe until they reclaimed the true love that they felt when they first met also seemed like a fool’s errand, but it proved even more rewarding. Even a million dollars can’t buy true love.