Walking the Pathless Path

Broadcast on July 19, 2015
With Tiara Kumara

Tiara will present the idea of living on a pathless "pathless path" as a way to actualize a much stronger collective influence upon the events of our world. This is one that arises from the void of our own emptiness, one of greatest self mastered states that there is. This has do with opening into a Still Point reality and to consistently express a non-polarized posture towards both peace and conflict. Still Point is a very high vibrational frequency that is neutral and non-threatening. It exudes potent frequencies that are able to transform other energy fields in separation just by the very nature of its divine indifference.

Tiara Kumara

Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation and I AM Avatar
Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation Founding Producer, I AM Avatar Tiara’s nine year presence as a global campaigner continues to instigate unity-building programs while poignantly addressing situations of societal crisis. Her leadership in Sacred Activism, together with her team of transmitters and network affiliations, brings continuing influential impact to numerous areas of the planetary shift. Tiara is a multifaceted educator whose global work and educational offerings has profoundly assisted many lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation. Her accomplishments include several dedicated years in the activation of the planetary Crystalline Grid, a matrix for high-frequency communication that is part of the Earth’s energy field. This included the coordination of a worldwide meditation program and the training of thousands of people in remote healing and energy transference on mass scale. As a dedicated spiritual teacher, Tiara creates new and unique pathways for conscious evolution. She is the founding producer of I AM Avatar and several educational courses. She has recently launched a collective group experience titled “MORPHOGENESIS” which involves the actualized biological unlocking of the expanded DNA blueprint of unity consciousness. Her evolutionary teachings are presented on a platform of soul initiation, Divine Immanence and manifestation through Divine Principle.