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Broadcast on July 22, 2014
With Ben Hart & Barbara Arredondo & Yuka Saionji

Yuka Saionji, Barbara Arredondo and Ben Hart are the hosts for the Next Generation of Solutions series.  They are brilliant, young social entrepreneurs whose collective and collaborative work is spanning the globe. They will share their experiences of striving to embody peace while taking conscious action.  They also will provide insights into the challenges, opportunities and trends facing young peacebuilders today. 

Ben Hart

Head of Media at The Shift Network

Ben Hart is the Head of Media at The Shift Network and committed to creating transformational content that inspires and activates the genius of individuals in service to evolving society. As the former Marketing Lead at Shift, Ben directed campaigns that served over 1.5 million people. Prior to joining The Shift Network at its inception and helping build it from the ground up, Ben worked in leadership development, producing conferences, running workshops in universities and offering coaching for individuals. A speaker, writer and content creator, Ben's focus is on the spread of powerful ideas and initiatives that support individual and collective flourishing.

Barbara Arredondo

Bárbara Arredondo is a noted cultural curator and journalist in peacebuilding.
Early this year, she launched IListen - a design thinking consulting agency that creates and curates experiences that redefine human potential. Their first project is a 5-month series called i Am Here Series – a platform featuring conferences and workshops where women will be able to recognize their own potential to craft positive and meaningful change in their communities.

Yuka Saionji

Spoke at UN General Assembly in Feb. 2012

Yuka was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan but have lived in the United States and Germany during her childhood years. She has a degree in Law from Gakushuin University (Japan). Yuka has two published book in Japan. She works with youth around the world with projects for peace. Yuka is a deputee chairperson of a spiritual organization called “Byakko Shinko Kai” which was originated in Japan over fifty years ago. It is an organization dedicated to world peace and raising the consciousness of humanity founded by Yuka’s grandfather Masahisa Goi. He advocated a universal peace prayer “May peace prevail on earth”. Byakko believes in the divinity of all humanity and hosts interfaith events such as “Symphony of Peace Prayers” where we invite religious leaders from different religions to lead us in their peace prayer. She also works at the sister organizations of Byakko called the Goi Peace Foundation. She is also a board member of NPO “miratsuku” working on communication and community building after 3.11 earthquake in Japan. Yuka is also a member of the “Evolutionary Leaders” working in service to conscious evolution.