11 Days of Global Unity Peace

Broadcast on September 21, 2016
With Monica Willard & Rev. Deborah Moldow

The 2016 International Day of Peace theme is The Sustainable Development Goals--Building Blocks for Peace. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the major focus for UN work until 2030. Without peace, none of these goals can be fully achieved.

Listeners will learn:
• The International Day of Peace is an annual marking point for what is done throughout the year.
• Peace Day is being observed by many,many people throughout the world
• Peace needs to be built in ourselves, our homes, communities and in the world. It is all connected.

Monica Willard

United Nations NGO Representative
Monica Willard is the United Religions Initiative Main Representative to the United Nations and Co-Chair of the International Day of Peace NGO Committee. She works with the UN Department of Public Information to organize the annual Student Observance for the UN International Day of Peace. She was a founding member for the Tripartite Forum, a ground breaking initiative with representatives from United Nations Member States, UN Agencies and Religious NGOs working together to recognize the importance of faith communities in peace and development issues. As president of The Committee of Religious NGOs, Monica chaired events at the United Nations for World Interfaith Harmony Week when it was first observed in 2011, followed by two major events in the UN General Assembly Hall with the 66th and 67th Presidents of the UN General Assembly. She has been active as an NGO Representative to the United Nations since 1991 and served as Chair of the 49th Annual DPI NGO Conference at UN Headquarters. In 2009 she received the Spirit of the United Nations Award from the CONGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns.

Rev. Deborah Moldow

Representative to the United Nations of the World Peace Prayer Society & Founder of the Garden of Light
Rev. Deborah Moldow is an ordained interfaith minister committed to assisting in the transformation of human consciousness that will lead to a culture of peace. She is the Representative to the United Nations of the World Peace Prayer Society, which promotes the universal prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” At the United Nations, she co-chairs the International Day of Peace NGO Committee and facilitates the United Religions Initiative multi-faith cooperation circle. Deborah is Co-Director with Diane Williams of the Evolutionary Leaders circle, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation that brings together visionaries committed to the acceleration of the conscious evolution of humanity in these critical times. Rev. Deborah also leads monthly Interfaith Sundays at the Chapel at Croton Falls, NY. Her newest project, the Garden of Light, provides an online platform for the emerging global spirituality. www.revdeborah.com http://worldpeace.org www.gardenoflight.org