Healing Belfast

Broadcast on July 14, 2016
With Frank Liddy

War and conflict are sadly not unique in our global society. What is unique is how each city that has been bathed in conflict, overcomes the trauma and heals itself. In this talk, you’ll hear the riveting story of how the city of Belfast, Ireland used the tools of Mindfulness and Compassion as a healing salve to recover from colonialism. In this session you'll hear:

  • A brief history of the conflict and how mindfulness was introduced to begin the healing process
  • How compassion became a natural overlay to mindfulness and opened the hearts of citizens who had previously been frozen by trauma
  • What you can do to create a City of Compassion, even when your city is in recovery and your political parties are at odds

Frank Liddy

The founder of Belfast Mindfulness Centre, the co-founder of Black Mountain Zen centre, the Zen Chaplain for the City Hall, the Chairperson of Compassion City Belfast
Frank Liddy is the founder of Belfast Mindfulness Centre, the co-founder of Black Mountain Zen centre and the Chairperson of Compassion City Belfast. Frank has spent 30 years practicing and developing Mindfulness programmes and as a result has become a highly regarded leader and Mindfulness Teacher internationally. Frank worked in the community and mental health sector for 40 years so understands acutely the importance of maintaining personal wellbeing and developing skills to look after your mental health. He studied Mindfulness at Bangor University Wales and is qualified to deliver Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention. Frank has successfully delivered conference lectures, experiential and practice-based Mindfulness programmes and workshops to an extensive range of high profile organisations in Health Care, Education (including QUB and UU), Private, Public and Community and Voluntary Sector in the UK and internationally.