Rising Up Together Community Education in the USs New Jim Crow

Broadcast on August 30, 2016
With Arthur Romano

This talk explores the inspirational lives and work of community educators and their allies taking action in neighborhoods that are impacted by relentless poverty, under-resourced schools, racialized incarceration and escalated levels of gun violence. Lost in conversations about educational reform and gun violence in the United States, are the expertise, knowledge and interests of people living in those communities most impacted by poverty and other forms of violence. This talk then focuses on the possibilities to support and cultivate those forms of knowledge for survival, resistance and community development. This session will provide:

  • Knowledge of what peace education looks like "on the ground" in some of the places most impacted by violence in the United States
  • Strategies for building healthy communities and productively engaging with conflict.
  • Knowledge of new Social Movements

Arthur Romano

Assistant Professor at The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason and The Elise Boulding Scholar Practitioner for the National Peace Academy
Dr. Arthur Romano, is an assistant professor in the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University and the Elise Boulding Scholar Practitioner for the National Peace Academy. Arthur’s research interests include peace and social justice education, restorative justice and transnational educational movements. His research and practice approach is rooted in developing long-term partnerships with community groups working to create social justice educational movements in violence-affected communities. Arthur is currently focused largely on educational movements that seek to address issues of racial and economic injustice in the United States. Over the past decade, Arthur has worked with a wide array of groups including: The Connecticut Center for Nonviolence, The Ferguson St Louis Truthtelling Project, The Ella Bakers Women’s Center, The Sacrificial Poets and The Beat Lab. He co-founded the Diversity Matters Now workshop series, which explores issues related to social identity, race and class with colleges and university communities across the US.