Creating Compassionate Businesses

Broadcast on July 09, 2015
With Darshita Gillies

Business as the institution that has the power, influence, capacity and the opportunity to make the decisive difference. By working in new ways with other sectors of society — business is a force that can alter our trajectory and literally change the course of history. The key to making this happen is enabling Businesses to embody the intangible value of Compassion through and through. We will explore how we do that in this session.

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Darshita Gillies

Co-founder & CEO ‘Blu Dot’ and 'Ease on Edge'
Professionally, Darshita is a chartered accountant, coach & consultant,  global system integrator, and entrepreneur. Darshita’s life journey is an embodiment of the transition ‘from the bottom 1%, to the top 1%, for 100% of the planet’. She is a millennial, Indian woman, born in Mumbai, into the lowest social caste of a poor non-English speaking conservative Hindu family.  She then qualified with an M.Com & as ‘47th all-India rank’ Chartered Accountant. This led her to working with board directors of India’s largest foreign bank, Standard Chartered. As her perspectives widened, her path shifted to ‘upgrading the human operating system’. She re-trained as a leadership coach & facilitator, working with entrepreneurs, leaders & organisations including through intensive developmental ‘Immersion’ journeys. A growing sensing that leadership development alone was neither a full-deployment of her capacities nor the primary route for effecting optimal systemic change. Darshita 
co-founded Blu-Dot - a global-system integration service provider & incubator, as a vehicle to address complex business and societal challenges in a more sustainable, conscious, and strategic way. Throughout, she is unconditionally & relentlessly supported by her ‘gurus at home’, being her ‘playfully provoking & inspiring’ husband Rowan & her ‘little star’ Tara. She is: - Co-founder & CEO ‘Blu Dot’ and 'Ease on Edge' - Exec Committee ‘Business Alliance for the Future’ - Founding Director ‘Conscious Capitalism UK’ - Board Director ‘Charter for Compassion’
- Coach & Consultant ‘Future Considerations’ & Other*