Subtle Activism Transforming Self and World An Exploration of Subtle Activism

Broadcast on September 08, 2015
With David Spangler

In this session, David Nicol of the Gaiafield Project and David Spangler of the Lorian Association, two organizations active in the use of subtle activism for personal and planetary transformation, explore the meaning and promise of this approach. The aim is to clarify the role it plays not only as a form of social action but also as part of a holistic paradigm that broadens and redefines the nature of who we are, of our innate spiritual capacities, and of the world in which we live.

David Spangler

A spiritual teacher for over fifty years, David Spangler was a co-director of the Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland, a Lindisfarne Fellow, and a co-founder of the Lorian Association, for which he currently is Education Director and teaches several classes. He is the author of many books, including Apprenticed to Spirit and Journey into Fire. He is the father of four and resides with his wife near Seattle, Washington.