Divine Nature of Reality

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Broadcast on November 20, 2014
With Lee Brown, Ph. D.

Dr. Lee Brown reaches great depth in his discernment between the different types of education and economy that are present in the world. There is economy based on greed and extraction. There is also economy based on strengthening the environment.

Lee Brown, Ph. D.

Coordinator of the Indigenous Doctoral Program, Executive Director of the Indigenous Institute of Aboriginal Health at UBC

Dr. Lee Brown is the coordinator of the Indigenous doctoral program in The Department of Educational Studies and executive director of the Indigenous Institute of Aboriginal Health at the University of British Columbia where he wrote his thesis entitled: Making the Classroom a Healthy Place: The Development of Affective Competency in Aboriginal Pedagogy. He is the Co-author of the Sacred Tree, an educational curriculum based in Aboriginal values and epistemology. He has been the keynote speaker at many Aboriginal conferences including the Awassis Education Conference held each year in Saskatoon. He has been invited to share his knowledge of culture and healing in over five hundred Indigenous communities in North America. Lee is a member of the Cherokee Nation and the Wolf Clan.