Restorative Justice on the Rise

Broadcast on September 19, 2013
With Molly Rowan Leach

Molly Rowan Leach

Producer, Publicist, Founder of Restorative Justice on The Rise, Advisory Member of Full Circle Restorative Justice

Molly Rowan Leach is a writer, radio host and producer, a mother, and a global citizen. She serves as Restorative Justice Fellow to The Peace Alliance, providing guidance and support to Staff on key elements of the current U.S. justice transformation while also driving grassroots advocacy and mobilization projects in various states. She sits on the Educational Institute Board of The Peace Alliance, and serves as an Advisory Member of Full Circle Restorative Justice. She founded Restorative Justice on The Rise, an ongoing weekly radio-style webcast and dialogue forum over two years ago, to leverage virtual technology’s capacity to quickly mobilize and connect people in receiving information and tools, sharing stories, and learning together towards deepening practices in their own lives and communities. The dialogue series features a powerful cross spectrum representation of people in diverse areas of justice and peacebuilding, and a constituency of global citizens from many countries. Former guests and archives include conversations with Dr. Johan Galtung, Michelle Alexander, Azim Khamisa, Kay Pranis, Sunny Schwartz, Dominic Barter, Arun Gandhi, Grandmother Mona Polacca, and many others doing equally important work.