Sunday Spirituality and Peace Building a Field of Peace - Empowering Inner Peace and Collective Blessing

Broadcast on July 14, 2013
With David Sun Todd

David Sun Todd

Co-Founder Bell & Todd Arts, Author, Teacher, Peace Healer, Gaiafield Council
David Sun Todd is a healer, author, and teacher. With his wife, Bonnie Gold Bell, he co-creates the powerful transformational images known as Bell & Todd Arts. David has developed a new form of collective healing that uses their art to empower groups of people in healing and uplifting themselves and humanity. As a member of the guiding Council of the Gaiafield Project, David has led Global Attunements for Peace with thousands of participants around the world. With the recent publication of David and Bonnie’s Peace Codes ebook, they have initiated a new program called “Peace Healings”. This program focuses on resolving our deepest personal, ancestral, and collective wounds. On Sunday’s call, David will guide us in a Peace Healing meditation that will first focus on personal healing leading to inner peace. Then the healing blessing we create will be shared with the collective field of the US. David will also discuss the Peace Healers training for those called to work at a collective level to create peace. Sunday’s meditation will make use of the “CenterPeace” Mandala seen here. Please open this link before the call begins so that you can see the Mandala for the meditation. (Briana, here is the link to insert into the paragraph above: )