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Broadcast on August 03, 2012
With Demirea Perry

Demirea Perry

Changing live with peace, love, and God
Demirea Perry was elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party in 2008. Mr. Perry is the Director of Community Operation for a non-profit organization 1600 Avenue which services youth in Los Angeles County and overseas. Demirea previously served as President of the Hosing Authority City of Los Angeles Advisory Council and Youth Representative to the Watts Neighborhood Council. During his respective tenures, he fought for students, working families, social and academic programs, and constituent participation in city government and advocated for improvement of quality of life in public housing. Demirea developed an interest in governmental affairs and public policy when, in his early teens, he was appointed to the Southeast Weed and Seed program sub-committee as Chairman by L.A.P.D. Deputy Chief Terry Hara.. Later, while serving as a Field Deputy with the office of Councilman Bernard C. Parks, he developed an understanding of policy formulation and its impact on the quality of life. Subsequently, he went on to work with Congresswoman Laura Richardson’s office as a Field Deputy, where he was responsible for managing various Environmental, Housing, and Social Security cases. Many of these cases represented a significant factor of constituent’s services in the 37th Congressional District. . He is a strong advocate of education, humanity, children and family services, health and human services, public policy, economic development and public safety. Demirea has travels the world with Archbishop Desmond Tutu to illustrate the importance of peace and conflict resolution practices around the world. Demirea currently resides in California. He has studied at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio.