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Broadcast on February 12, 2012
With Unnsteinn Johannsson

Unnsteinn Johannsson

Student, peace builder

Unnsteinn Jóhannsson is currently a third year student at the KaosPilots in Århus, Denmark, a creative business school where he is exploring social entrepreneurship, processes, personal leadership and project design.  He has been involved with the scouts in Iceland since the age of nine, having taken on the role of a scout leader early on. He has participated in student councils and been a chairman for the Icelandic coffee society.  Working as a Barista in Iceland, he has travelled and competed in several coffee competitions and was the third best Barista in Iceland in 2010.

He has an educational background in art and design, from the Trade School of Hafnarfjordur. In the year 2004 he was an exchange student with AFS in New Zealand. He has lived in Holland, Belgium and for three months in Colombia.  Recently, Unnsteinn was an intern at The Peace Foundation in Auckland, as part of his studies, where he got introduced to their work and shared his knowledge.  He is currently working with the Iceland Scout Association on a peace conference in Oct 2012, taking place in Iceland.