Broadcast on September 17, 2017
With Sande Hart & Despina Namwembe

Join Sande Hart, interfaith activist and advocate for women and youth empowerment, and Despina Namwembe, community organizer and trainer, as they address the challenges women face around the world, and explore local-to-global solutions for women's empowerment — including the mission and activities of the Charter For Compassion's Women and Girls Sector. 

During this impassioned session, you'll discover: 

  • These ambassadors for women and girls — spreading wisdom & inspiration
  • Information about Empowering Political Literacy, which supports women's equal presence in local & national government
  • Some innovative work for women's empowerment and conflict resolution, & current worldwide efforts for the protection of girls 

Sande Hart

Community Builder, Women and Girls Empowerment, Relationship Strategist

Sande Hart is Director of the Women and Girls Sector of Charter for Compassion International. The mother of two, she is: President of S.A.R.A.H. (Spiritual And Religious Alliance for Hope) Women's Interfaith organization, Past Chair of the North American Region of the United Religions Initiative, and founder of Compassionate California, and Member of the International Team for the One Humanity Institute - Auschwitz Project.

Despina Namwembe

Community Organizer and Trainer

Despina Namwembe is a social scientist with a Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies. She coordinates the work of over 30 grassroots interfaith organizations doing different social action in the Great Lakes countries of Africa. Despina is a community organizer and trainer who also mentors many in organizational development. Growing up in a continent that sometimes fuses strong customs with religion to deter full women participation, Despina has a passion for addressing issues that support women and girls to achieve their full life potential. She is widely traveled; something that has helped her conceive many life-changing situations outside the box. She is also a contributor to literature in the areas of interfaith, gender, environment and peacebuilding.