Children and Youth

Broadcast on September 16, 2017
With Arooj Javed & Carlos Palma

Join the International Activities Director and General Coordinator at Living Peace International, Carlos Palma, and Arooj Javed, passionate advocate for interfaith and intercultural dialogue, as they share their experiences bringing peace education projects to children in 1000 schools in 113 countries. They demonstrate how children engaged in peace projects are highly motivated to stay in school. And they discuss whether current social media technology is a productive tool for empowering young people to organize... or more of a distraction from getting involved.

During this inspiring session, you'll discover:

  • How adding peace education to children's school curriculum can improve academic performance
  • Information about several children's peace programs — including Dice For Peace, the Focolare Movement & the Youth World Peace Forum with Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan
  • An urgent message from Your Children Program

Arooj Javed

PhD student in Human Development, Religion and Peace Building

Arooj Javed is a passionate advocator for interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue and an ardent believer in humanity. She believes that only if we are able to educate our future generations the value of peace, conflicts can be resolved with negotiation, forgiveness and reconciliation can heal old wounds and love can overcome all grievances.

She received a masters' degree in mass-communication with a specialization in public relations from Pakistan. She completed her second masters' degree in Culture of Unity with a focus on human development, religion and peace building at Sophia University, Italy. Currently, she is enrolled in the same university in PhD program. Her research is based on the role of religion in peace building. She is a former world bank employee and is currently engaged in Living Peace and various projects around the globe with the desire to play her part in promoting peace and unity at academic and practical level.

Carlos Palma

International Activities Director, General Coordinator of Living Peace International

Carlos Palma is the international activities director and general coordinator of Living Peace International  Project, a path of peace Education with a universal proposal open to all, children, teens, youths and adults, of different cultures, religions and social groups. Living Peace involves today 250.000 students from more than 1000 schools and Associations in 113 countries, creates mini and macro peace projects to apply in collaboration with 48 International Peace Organizations.

Since 2015 Carlos Palma is the President of the Youth World Peace Forum, a project of the Schengen Peace Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization, approved by His Majesty the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. Created with the purpose of promoting the message of peace in Europe and the world, the Foundation contributes for the development of a more peaceful world by spreading the "Spirit of Schengen" into all world regions.

The 1st Youth World Peace Forum was in Cairo, Egypt, working on the topic of "Let’s Bridge “. In 2016, Florianopolis, in Brazil, hosted the Youth Forum in September, on the topic of “We Believe” and from 17 to 25 September 2017 it will be in Amman, Jordan, on the topic “Now is the Time” , 9 days to live and work in a refugee camp with and for the refugees coming from Syria.