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Be the Peace: Global Attunement - Session 3
Recorded on Sep 21, 2013 from Summer of Peace 2013
With David Sun Todd: Co-Founder Bell & Todd Arts, Author, Teacher, Peace Healer, Gaiafield Council
Hosted by David Nicol
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David Sun Todd is a healer, author, and teacher. With his wife, Bonnie Gold Bell, he co-creates powerful transformational images known as Bell & Todd Arts. Their art appears in numerous publications, such as their yearly Healing Mandalas calendar as well as their blessings videos on Youtube. David and Bonnie’s most recent work is the ebook Peace Codes: Healing Mandalas and Meditations for Embodying Peace on Earth. (Click here for a free sample).  As a member of the guiding Council of the Gaiafield Project, David has led Global Attunements for Peace with thousands of participants around the world. These meditations have effectively built a vibrant energetic field of peace. During his session, David will guide a meditation to bring us all into that field of peace. The meditation will support inner peace and will bless the collective field of the US. This meditation will make use of the “CenterPeace” mandala seen here. Please open this link before the call begins to see the mandala for the meditation.